Edmonton Hotshot

edmonton hotshotLooking for an Edmonton Hotshot service? At Road By Road Hotshot and Freight Services we make sure that YOU get what YOU want on schedule.

Our job is to make YOUR job easier, and we LOVE what we do! Our speedy Hotshot service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year. We don’t shut down for a single day because we know that you might need a hotshot run completed, and we will be available for you.

Normal delivery services hold on to your cargo until they have enough other cargo going to the same place to make an efficient load. This means your cargo can be held up for days while other cargo for the same location trickles in.

But with our Edmonton Hotshot service, our trucks are on the road in 30 minutes to pickup and deliver YOUR cargo. No waiting for other cargoes.

Hotshot services are critical when you have important cargo that MUST get there on time or for cargo you need shipped outside of normal shipping hours.

Our Edmonton-based Hotshot and freight services include everything from short term warehouse availability to cargo repackaging and securing. Aluminum containers with roll on and roll off capability allow your cargo to be handled fewer times than normal. Dash Cam footage of your cargo’s hot shot run is available if needed, and you can see just how careful we are with your items.

Here are just a few of the things we have shipped with our Edmonton Hotshot service:

Abrasives, sandblasting medium, dunnage, coring pipe, drill pipe, frac trees, well heads, pumps, valves, accessories, building materials, lumber, concrete, grout, mortar, roofing, siding, fasteners, shims, pallets, insulation, fuel, transportation tools, sand, rock, gravel, slate, equipment, machinery, parts, bolts, shafts, computers, electronics, office supplies, food, environmental supplies, rig mats, tractor parts, truck parts, building components, Quonset hut pieces, alcohol, drill heads and oil tanks.

All our staff speak English as their first language, and our customers can directly contact our drivers to coordinate important details. YOUR peace of mind is our priority. We do offer many modes of transport, but specialize in Hotshot Trucking Services.

For more information about our Edmonton Hotshot service, call 780-665-2732.

“Road By Road Hot Shot has done many deliveries for Dewar Western Inc. and never once has the cargo been damaged, late, or miscounted/missing.  Their staff and drivers are always a pleasure to deal with.  We will continue to use them whenever we can.”  – Don O’Kurley, Dewar Western Inc.